4 ways to live life in new modern world from the bestseller ‘The monk who sold his ferrari’

This Article is about four ways to live life more meaningfully and peacefully from the bestseller book ‘The monk who sold his ferrari’ written by Robin Sharma. If you want to live a more meaningful and peaceful life just follow and implement these ways in your day to day routine honestly!

By Controlling your mind

‘You are what you think’ start thinking positive, concentrate on the things you really want to do. Stop thinking negative, find something positive in every situation of your life. Just replace your negative thinking with positive. for example a rose is such a beautiful flower but it’s plant is full of thorns, still we focuses only on the positive thing beauty!

Finding a purpose of your life

First fix your target or your vision. Inspire or motivate yourself by your vision so you will get a super force of energy. Set a time limit. Do practice it for 21 days. And don’t break this pattern. For example if you love helping people without any selflessness find a passion related to this. A lawyer, Yogi raman sold his ferrari for living a simple and peaceful life. By finding a purpose of your life you will start loving and valuing your life more than before!

Improving yourself

To live a peaceful life you will have to be healthy physically and mentally as well for that you should eat fresh and vegetarian food. Always improve yourself by reading and learning something new everyday. Analyse your new self by your older self. Go to bed early and get up early. Listen music. Inspire yourself and don’t break your rules. By doing all these things you will start improving yourself and you will see a drastic change in your life!

Managing your precious time

We all know one thing that the one thing is so precious in our life and that is our time, once it’s gone, its gone! Apparently, we still waste it but sooner or later we realises it. So Fix your time schedule, complete you all tasks in time and live like this is your last day on earth!

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