How to win Friends and influence people – 10 do’es and don’ts

This article is about a book ‘How to win friends and influence people’ By Dale Carnegie. In this book the writer highlighted some points about how a person can talk with anyone, win friends and influence people.

1. No Criticism

If you are a person who criticises people then stop doing it, because if you criticise them they will start disliking you. So if you really want to influence them just stop doing it.

2. Appreciation

Start appreciating people, think about their positive qualities and tell them you have noticed. Even a small appreciation can make a person’s day. So start doing it so often.

3. Smile

Greet people with smile! Even if they are unfamiliar with you. Smiling is such a great tool, to ease relationships. So next time if you meet with anyone, meet them with a smile on your face.

4. Remember the names always

Repeat the name of the person you just met, It’s a way to remember a person’s name. If you call them by their name they will start giving you attention and focus on your conversation as well.

5. Wish Birthdays

Always wish them their birthdays. It’s very important to remember their birth date. If you want to win friends and influence them then just try to remember their birth dates as much as you can.

6. Be a good listener

Sometimes all you need is just a good listener, if you don’t have a good listener just be the one. And don’t just listen them, pay attention and focus on them as well.

7. Know their likes and dislikes

Start paying attention to what they like and what not. If you know about their likes and dislikes, they will start paying attention to you and then you can influence them easily.

8. Don’t say- You are wrong!

Change your style, be honest plus humble as well. Don’t just say the other person is wrong, instead say “I am sorry but I disagree with you about this” in a polite and respectful way. Don’t be rude.

9 Ask those questions which gives you ‘YES’

Ask them short questions, which gives you a ‘Yes’ in return. For Example, I love travelling and exploring the world, do you?

10 Share your mistakes before pointing others

Accept and share your mistakes before pointing others, and correct if possible. Start with a compliment, be positive first then negative, it will create a positive impact. Thus, if you follow all the points you will be able to win friends and influence people easily.

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